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Lucchesi and McNear Court Rehab Plan on Tonight's Parks and Rec Agenda

By Lori Ayre, 07/15/20, 8:00AM PDT


Go to link to see the plans and see how to virtually attend meeting

We just got word that the Parks and Rec Dept will be presenting options for rehabilitating the tennis courts at Lucchesi and McNear at tonight's Park and Rec meeting at 7pm.  Due to public health restrictions, the meeting cannot be attended in person but you can attend virtually.  Info at the attached link.

Also available at the above link are the discussions about the material options (how to rehab the courts) and the layout options (how many tennis courts and how many pickleball courts and/or how many multi-use courts). 


Over the last couple of years, I have been in discussions with PTA members as well as the pickleball folks and our consensus has been that we prefer dedicated courts for both tennis and pickleball so any option that includes lining courts for both pickleball and tennis is not desired by either community.  

Another priority for us is to have no fewer than three dedicated tennis courts at Lucchesi so we can host league matches there. This means that the two most desirable options being presented tonight are option A (which is pretty much what we asked for) or option D. 

What You Can Do

Both Option A and D provide three dedicated courts for tennis and 4 dedicated pickleball courts at Lucchesi and this is what we will be pushing for. If you can help out by submitting a public comment, that would be great.  Public comments must be submitted (via email) before 5pm today.  They will be read into the records (word count limit of 350 words).

If you'd rather just submit your comments to PTA, please do so by replying to this message.  We'll take your thoughts into consideration when we prepare the official PTA response.

In the meantime, fingers crossed!

Lori Ayre  (PTA President)