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Member Update

By Lori Ayre, 10/05/20, 4:00PM PDT


PTA Board Members Needed - 2021 PTA Renewal Info

Greetings PTA Members,

It has been quite a year and we still have another couple of months to go.  I think we can all agree that 2021 can't come soon enough!

Despite the horrific year, we have made progress in our work with the City.  Plans are in the works to refurbish the courts at Lucchesi and add four dedicated pickleball courts. We've worked in concert with our pickleball community to make that a reality (at least we think it will become a reality at this point!).  The courts at McNear will also be refurbished.  Thanks to everyone who showed up at the Parks and Rec Hearings, attended the listening sessions and filled out surveys.  Our voices were heard and we are pleased that the first round of Measure M money will be used to improve tennis opportunities for all Petalumans regardless of age, economic status, race, religion, or anything else! They got the message that tennis is a great sport for everyone!

PTA Board Elections

Due to COVID, we have been unable to host any PTA events since March, 2020.  And in the meantime, two of our PTA Directors have decided to step away from the Board. Tracy Perlich, who has served variously as President and Treasurer, has agreed to stay on as the PTA Bookkeeper; Chris Homen has agreed to help out with any future PTA events. We thank them for all the time and energy that they have dedicated to PTA. But we will no longer have their expertise on the Board and have 2 vacancies to fill, including one of Treasurer.

So we are asking you, PTA  Members, to step up and help us continue to support community tennis in Petaluma.  If you would like to help us with this work, please send us a statement outlining your interest and any experiences, tennis or otherwise, you think would be pertinent to serving as a director on this Board.  Send it to Lori Ayre, PTA President, at by Halloween.  Boo! Depending on the number of responses we get, the Board will determine if a membership meeting is required for a general vote.   

Casa Grande Locker

For the past five years Casa Grande has graciously shared their storage locker with the Petaluma Tennis Association.  Over the past few months the storage locker has increasingly been left unsecured (aka: unlocked) and disorganized and the Casa ball machine has been moved or used, causing some mechanical issues. 

In an effort to share the locker space more respectfully, the locker is no longer accessible via a lockbox with a key. Rather, only the Casa Grande office and their tennis coach, Fred Buot, have keys to the replaced lock.  

When USTA league play resumes, PTA team captains will be given a key to the locker to access items needed for home matches. 

A request from a community member: Put your old tennis balls and shoeboxes to good use!

Hello Petaluma Tennis Association, My name is Ali Vuolo and I am a pediatric occupational therapist (OT) for the Petaluma City Schools. As a school based OT, I work with students with special needs needing special education services. Most students I work with are working on their fine motor skills so they are able to participate in school activities. With distance learning happening in the age of COVID-19, I'm unable to see my students in person. I'm working on building OT kits for each student so they have hands on materials to work with at home. One of my favorite fine motor activities uses an old tennis ball to make a little tennis ball guy. The students love feeding the tennis ball guy while working on strengthening, isolation, and hand dexterity. I'm also working on getting other materials and want my students to have a dedicated box for these materials. The easiest for this is a shoebox. I love using shoeboxes because the top can be used to make even more fine motor activities! If you're interested in donating materials, there will be a large bin on my porch at 2123 Willow Dr. Thank you!

2021 PTA Memberships

Given the cancellation of all the leagues, the Board has decided to offer a couple options for members when it comes time to renew your PTA membership for 2021.  For logistical and communication purposes, we need you to renew your membership each year.  But because of the wacky year it has been and because everyone has had their own sets of challenges, we are inviting you to pay in full if you'd like to continue to support tennis in Petaluma and are able to do so.  If that is you, you can just renew like normal.

However, we are also offering three discount codes that anyone can use.  If you need a discount but can still send a bit extra, use discount code COVID25 to pay $25 to renew.  If you pay enough to just send a little something, use COVID10 to pay $10 to renew.  And if your year has been just the worst and you really can't afford to pay this year, use COVID0 and pay nothing to renew.

We will be asking you to renew (one way or another) starting in November.  We will send out another request then.