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Lucchesi and McNear to be refurbished!

By Lori Ayre, 12/22/20, 2:30PM PST


plus pickleball gets some much-need love

I am happy to report that our efforts to get Measure M funds applied to tennis and pickleball improvements have come to fruition!

Last night, the City Council voted 6-1 to reconstruct the courts at both McNear and Lucchesi.  One of the Lucchesi courts will be converted to four pickleball courts and the lights there will be upgraded to LED.

We are delighted to see that City Council recognizes that maintaining our tennis facilities provide an important community benefit.  As the Parks and Rec staff noted in their recommendation to the City Council:

Tennis has long been a sport which appeals to a broad range of ages, demographics, and skill levels.  Community planners and recreation professionals widely consider tennis as a traditional sport in the same sense as baseball, softball, football, and basketball. Tennis is unique in the fact that the sport has seen a steady increase in per-capita organized participation rates since 2000 however, as opposed to declining national trends associated with the majority of other traditional sports.

The changes at Lucchesi will ensure that there are three dedicated courts, in good condition, and available for tennis and league play.  And finally the pickleball players will also have dedicated courts for their sport!  PTA has worked closely with our pickleball playing friends and are delighted that they will finally have a place to play that doesn't require fussing with nets and taping lines on the courts! 

Fingers crossed the construction begins soon!

2021 PTA Memberships

Just a reminder that it is time to renew your membership with PTA. As we explained previously, due to the lack of tennis opportunities these past months, the Board has decided that renewal FEES will be optional for 2021 but you do still need to renew to stay on the mailing list and to be eligible for league play (fingers crossed they will begin again in spring).

Instructions for renewing:

  1. click on Renew from the home page.
  2. Fill out the "registration form" like you did last year including selecting "Individual Membership ($55)"
  3. Before you click on the Checkout button, look for the Discount Code box. 
  4. Enter your desired discount code in the box and click Apply.

Discount Code      Membership Fee Applied

  • COVID25                          $25
  • COVID10                           $10
  • COVID0                                 $0
  • No discount code            $55


If you've already renewed - thank you!!  And a special thank you to those who renewed AND paid their membership and/or contributed donations.