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Board Openings

By Lynn King, 01/27/21, 10:15AM PST


We need your help.

PTA Board Openings

PTA is a volunteer member driven organization.  We are only as strong as our membership. 

There have been quite a few changes on the PTA Board over the past few months.

Chris Homen and Erica Stuart have resigned. Tracy Perlich (who has been on the Board since the PTA was formed in 2016) has stepped down as Treasurer. Lori Ayre has stepped down as President. Thanks to each of them for all their help over the past years.

Theresa Mahoney has come on as a new board member.  Lynn King and Patsy Love have stepped in as President and Vice President, respectively.  Our founding member Chris Horne has rejoined the Board.

BUT In order to continue to bring organized tennis to Petaluma, we need more people to help and to serve on our Board.  We need a Treasurer and Secretary. We need Board members to continue to plan how to keep tennis going in Petaluma and keep our members on the courts.  Without PTA, there is no organization to run the USTA and SNM teams.  Without PTA, there is no organization to work with the City of Petaluma and School District to obtain access to the courts for our players. Without PTA, there is no organized voice to continue to seek court improvements in Petaluma. We need your help.

As your newest PTA President and Vice President, we are asking that you step up and help us all accomplish the goal of the PTA. (We know that many of you just don’t want to come to meetings – we have decided, at least for the time being, that we will keep the Zoom format for our meetings, which makes them faster and certainly easier to get to.) Please let us know if we can count on you. Because without the help of all of you, we can’t keep going.

Lynn King  & Patsy Love