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The Petaluma Tennis Association has been actively investing in Petaluma's tennis infrastructure. We recently raised funds toward the resurfacing of Leghorns Park and getting decent nets in place at Leghorns and Casa Grande. We will continue to work with Petaluma Parks and Recreation and the high schools to find ways to increase and improve opportunities for Petaluma's tennis community. 100% of all donations via this link go to investing in these infrastructure projects.

Thanks to the Larry Hillblom Foundation!  They were critical to our fundraising efforts to resurface Leghorns and they've come through again to help us put in some permanent bench seating on the Leghorns courts and to replace the wind screens! 

The Petaluma Tennis Association is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax exempt organization. You may wish to retain your receipt with your tax records in order to meet IRS requirements. No material goods or services were provided to you by the Petaluma Tennis Association in exchange for your contribution. Petaluma Tennis Association’s federal tax id number is 81-3169077.

Leghorns courts being resurfaced

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