PTA Membership

The cost for a yearly membership to Petaluma Tennis Association is $55 per person.

The membership will be for an entire year (12 months) from the day that you joined or renewed, not just the remainder of that calendar year.

There is no family or couples plan offered at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the personal benefits of joining the PTA?

One of the key benefits is that you'll be able to play on the local Petaluma USTA and SNM teams. PTA provides the insurance required to form Petaluma teams. Enjoy league play while representing your home town! You will also gain access to round robins and clinics throughout the year as well.

How long does my membership last?

12 months from the day that you join or renew. For example, if you join on March 12, 2024, then your membership will expire on March 12, 2025.

Is there special pricing for families or couples?

Sorry, but membership is currently only for individuals. Each person needs to sign up separately and pay the $55 yearly membership fee.

What does the money from my dues and donations go towards?

Membership in PTA is all about growing the Petaluma tennis community and improving the local tennis venues. The PTA:

  • raised funds and worked with the Petaluma Parks and Recreation Department to get the public courts resurfaced at Leghorns, Lucchesi, McNear and Del Oro parks.
  • continues to raise funds to replace the nets on the courts at Leghorns Park, Casa Grande High School and Petaluma High School.
  • supports Youth Tennis by making yearly donations to the Boys and Girls Tennis team at Petaluma and Casa Grande High Schools.

Annual Membership

Membership in PTA gives you access to USTA league play and, for ladies, the Sonoma-Napa-Marin Women's League. We also create events for recreational tennis such as round robins and open drop-in tennis events and help with tennis court maintenance.

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