PTA Home Match Calendar

All PTA team home matches will be held at Leghorns Park, and use either 2 or 3 courts. At least one court will be made available to the public while team matches are being played.

All Sonoma Napa Marin Women's Tennis League (SNMWTL) teams will be using Courts 1, 2 and 3 for their home matches, while all USTA teams will be using Courts 1 and 2 for their home matches.

The home match dates & times for all SNMWTL and USTA teams can be found on the calendar below. In the event that a match date/time is changed due to rainout, postponement, etc, we will attempt to update the match calendar as soon as possible. If you are playing on a PTA team, please check with your team captain to verify all match dates and times.

**If you would like a more comprehensive calendar of all tennis activities that includes those offered by Petaluma Parks & Recreation, please visit their website.

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