Welcome to the new PTA Website

Welcome to the new website! We hope using this new platform will be easier for everyone. We are still figuring it out so we hope you will be patient as we learn more about it.

The really great news is that with this new platform, everyone will be able to renew their PTA membership on the anniversary of whenever they first sign-up. So, if you pay your dues in October, you won't be asked to pay again until next October! Brilliant!!

The bad news is you have to start all over and that means signing up here (we can't transfer memberships). When you sign up this time, you won't have to sign up again for a year. If you are concerned about having to renew too soon, we hope you'll either decide it is a donation to PTA - thanks! Or, you can contact us at info@petalumatennis.com to see about pro-rating your membership.